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Oracle Integration Cloud OIC Training in Hyderabad

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Welcome to the world of seamless integration and digital transformation with Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Online Training in Hyderabad, exclusively offered by Triotech Software Training. In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, organizations seek efficient and agile integration solutions to connect their applications, systems, and data seamlessly. Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) has emerged as a cutting-edge cloud-based platform, empowering businesses to achieve rapid integration and streamline processes with ease.

Oracle Fusion Cloud Service (ICS) Course KEY FEATURES

Oracle Fusion OIC Training in Hyderabad Syllabus

  • What are ICS Components and capabilities
  • Overview of use case and architecture
  • Steps for basic configuration workflow
  • Describe and use a pre-built ICS Integration
  • Create, export, and import packages
  • Editing a pre-built ICS connection
  • Versioning integrations
  • Activating integrations
  • What are ICS built-in adapters
  • Triggering and invoking adapter properties
  • REST adapter properties definition
  • SOAP adapter properties definition
  • Cloud adapters overview
  • ICS-supported message exchange patterns
  • Creating an ICS integration
  • Learn Basic Map My Data 1-way & 2-way integration pattern
  • How to use Publish to ICS integration pattern
  • How to use Subscribe to ICS integration pattern
  • Data mapping overview
  • Using other connections to enrich the response
  • Data transformation with ICS mapper
  • XPath functions for advanced mapping
  • ICS data lookups
  • Use of lookups to share information between applications
  • How to use built-in lookup function
  • Routing based on content
  • How to create filters and branches for content-based routing
  • Managing conditional expressions
  • Orchestration integration pattern usage
  • What are benefits of using agents as compared to integration with on premise applications
  • Agent framework implementation for connectivity for integrations
  • Understand the steps for installing an on-premises agent
  • Creating connection to on premise endpoints.
  • Describe the steps to perform an agent management task
  • Support for ICS security at integration flow level.
  • ICS predefined roles and privileges
  • How to manage and assign user roles.
  • Security certificates management
  • How to secure on premise agents
  • How to use integration schedules and jobs
  • How to use ICS monitor role in ICS dashboard to understand the main tasks available.
  • Getting runtime data and metrics through ICS dashboard.
  • Learn to filter and track messages
  • Usage and configuration of business identifiers for tracking
  • Web Service Basics
  • HW SOAP Service
  • File Transfer Style Service
  • Complex GL SOAP Service Build
  • Explore Scope, Lookups, Loops in OIC
  • Notifications & Fault Handling
  • Complex AR Invoice REST API
  • FBDI Automation – Main Service
  • FBDI Automation – Callback Service
  • Publish & Subscribe to OIC Services
  • SaaS to On Premise Service with Agent
  • Salesforce to ERP Cloud Automation
  • HCM Data loader Service
  • Bulk Extraction from ERP Service
  • VBCS – HR Web App
  • VBCS – REST APIs Web App
  • VBCS – AR Invoice App Build
  • VBCS – AR Invoice App Build
  • PCS – Intro & Travel Request Approval
  • PCS – AR Invoice Approval Process
  • PCS – AR Invoice Approval Process
  • ICS – AR Invoice REST API Build
  • VBCS – AR Invoice E2E Solution Test
  • PCS – Dynamic Approval Process
  • PCS – Mix Match Process
  • PCS – Decision Table Approval Process
  • VBCS – Mobile App (PWA) Build
  • VBCS – Mobile App (PWA) Test & Deploy
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Why Choose Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Training with Triotech Software Trainings?

Mastery of Integration Prowess

At Triotech Software Training, we believe that mastering Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) is pivotal for unleashing the full potential of seamless integration. Our online training program is meticulously crafted and delivered by experts with extensive experience in Oracle ICS. They will guide you through the platform's intricacies, empowering you to connect applications and systems effortlessly.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Online Training covers an extensive range of topics, including integration patterns, connectivity, data mapping, and more. The program ensures you gain a holistic understanding of Oracle ICS and its capabilities, enabling you to design and execute seamless integrations.

Interactive Learning Experience

Triotech Software Training believes in interactive learning. Throughout the Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Online Training, you'll engage in live virtual sessions, allowing you to interact with instructors and peers in real time. This collaborative learning environment fosters knowledge-sharing and enhances your understanding of Oracle ICS concepts.

Practical Integration Projects

We believe in learning by doing. Throughout the training, you'll participate in hands-on integration projects, simulating real-world integration scenarios. This practical experience empowers you to confidently execute integration strategies and optimize application performance.

Flexible Learning at Your Pace

We understand that learners have diverse schedules and preferences. Our Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Online Training in Hyderabad offers flexible learning options, including self-paced modules. You can progress through the course at your convenience, enabling you to strike the perfect balance between your learning journey and other commitments.

State-of-the-Art Virtual Platform

At Triotech Software Training, we prioritize providing a seamless virtual training experience. Our online training platform is equipped with state-of-the-art features, ensuring a smooth and enriching learning experience for all participants.

Certification and Skill Validation

Upon completing our Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Online Training, you will receive an industry-recognized certification from Triotech Software Training. This esteemed certification validates your expertise in Oracle ICS and enhances your professional credibility.

Unleash the power of seamless integration and become a proficient Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) expert through our Oracle ICS Online Training in Hyderabad by Triotech Software Training. Our expert-led training, comprehensive curriculum, interactive learning experience, practical integration projects, flexible learning options, and esteemed certification combine to provide you with an unparalleled learning journey. Prepare to drive digital transformation and innovation within your organization through seamless integration solutions. Enroll in Triotech Software Training’s Oracle Integration Cloud Service (ICS) Online Training in Hyderabad today and embark on a transformative career path of integration excellence.


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Course Curriculum

  • Project financial management course highlights
  • Fusion enterprises and the case study of project financial management
  • Oracle fusion functional setup manager introduction
  • Setup up the project financial management organization
  • Define the project foundation setup
  • Describing project control setup
  • Define the project billing setup
  • Define the configuration for project performance reporting.
  • Project integration defined setup of the gateway
  • Setting up the project template
  • Extensions of applications for project financial management: defining


Oracle Fusion HCM Training Online, HCM Course Online

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Student: Any Degree or Post Graduation Studied or Studying

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Frequently Asked Questions

Oracle Integration Cloud Services (OIC) is a comprehensive integration platform that allows organisations to seamlessly connect applications, data, and services both within and outside the enterprise

Hyderabad is a major IT hub with numerous tech companies and a growing demand for cloud integration experts.  Oracle Integration Cloud Services training in Hyderabad can provide you with valuable skills for a thriving job market.

Oracle Integration Cloud Course is suitable for developers, integration architects, solution architects, and anyone interested in learning how to integrate diverse applications and systems using Oracle’s integration tools.

You can usually enrol in  Oracle Integration Cloud Course training  through Filling the details in Register now form and you will receive call from our admin team and they will send you the free demo link

Yes, hands-on practice is a crucial component of Oracle Integration Cloud Course  Many programs provide access to virtual environments or sandbox systems where participants can apply their learning in real-world scenarios.

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