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Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Hyderabad

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Are you looking for Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Hyderabad, In the fast-paced world of human capital management, staying ahead of the curve is essential for individuals and organizations alike. Oracle Fusion HCM (Human Capital Management) has emerged as a leading cloud-based solution that integrates various HR functions, offering seamless management of the entire employee lifecycle. With its robust features and capabilities, Oracle Fusion HCM has become a game-changer for businesses seeking to optimize their HR processes and enhance workforce performance.

If you are based in Hyderabad and eager to unlock the potential of Oracle Fusion HCM, Triotech Software Training is here to empower you with comprehensive Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Hyderabad. Whether you are an HR professional, a business leader, or an aspiring HCM consultant, our training program is tailored to cater to learners of all levels of experience.

Oracle Fusion HCM course in hyderabad Features

Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Hyderabad Syllabus

  • Oracle Cloud Global Human Resource(Core HR)
  • Oracle Cloud Absence management
  • Oracle Cloud Payroll Management
  • Oracle Cloud Talent Management,
  • Oracle Cloud Goals &Performance Management
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Compensation Management
  • Security Administration
  • Work Flows & Approval Configurations
  • Inbound Integrations – HCM Data loader, Spread Sheet loader, Payroll batch loader
  • Outbound Integrations – HCM Extracts, Business Intelligence, OTBI
  • Payroll Fast Formulae’s
  • Customizations & Personalization’s
  • Oracle Cloud Overview
  • Human Resource Over view
  • Oracle Fusion Applications Overview
  • Oracle Fusion HCM Overview
  • Functional Set up Manager
  • Manage Geographies
  • Enterprise Structures Configurator (ESC)
  • Enterprise Structures Configurator (ESC)
  • Manage Enterprise HCM Information
  • Manage Enterprise HCM Information
  • Manage Reference Data Sets
  • Manage Locations
  • Manage Divisions
  • Manage Legal Address
  • Manage Legal Entity
  • Legal Employer
  • Payroll Statutory Unit
  • Manage Legal Entity HCM Information
  • Manage Actions
  • Manage Action Reasons
  • Manage Lookups
  • Manage Descriptive Flex fields
  • Manage Business Unit
  • Manage Business Unit Set Assignment
  • Manage Departments
  • Manage Department Trees
  • Manage Grades
  • Manage Grade Rates
  • Manage Grade Ladders
  • Manage Job
  • Manage Positions
  • Manage Position Trees
  • Manage Person Types
  • Manage Assignment Status
  • Hire Employee
  • Transfer an Employee
  • Promotion
  • Terminate
  • Second Work Relationship
  • Work relationship inactive
  • Rehire
  • Add Assignments
  • Manage Person
  • Manage work shifts
  • Manage work work day Patterns
  • Manage work Schedules
  • Manage Calendar Events
  • Manage Derived Factors
  • Manage Eligibility Profile
  • Manage Time Periods
  • Manage Lookups
  • Manage Descriptive Flex fields
  • Manage Value sets
  • Manage Absence Reasons
  • Manage Absence Plans
  • Manage Absence Plans
  • Manage Absence Certifications
  • Manage Absence Types
  • Manage Absence Categories
  • Absence Plan Enrollment
  • Calculate Accrual & balances
  • Update Plane Enrollment
  • Accrual balance disbursement
  • Adjusting the balances
  • Applying leave through Employee self service
  • Applying leave through Manger/Administrator self service
  • Schedule & Monitoring Absence Process
  • Automating the Schedule Process
  • Manage Key Flex fields
  • Manage Value Sets
  • Manage Key Flex fields
  • Manage Cost Allocation Key Flex field
  • Legal Entity
  • Payroll Statutory Unit
  • Legal Employers
  • Legal Reporting Unit
  • Configure Payroll Legislations
  • Manage Legal Address
  • Manage Legal Jurisdictions
  • Manage Legal Authorities
  • Manage Banks
  • Manage Bank Branches
  • Manage Bank Accounts
  • Manage Organizational Payment Method
  • Manage Third Parties
  • Manage Third Party Payment Method
  • Manage Consolidation Groups
  • Manage Payroll
  • Manage Elements Classifications
  • Manage Elements
  • Manage Balances
  • Manage Event Groups
  • Manage Salary Basis
  • Manage Object Groups
  • Manage Legal entity Calculation Cards
  • Manage Payroll Relationship
  • Manage Element Entries
  • Manage Salary
  • Quick Pay
  • Recalculate Payroll for retroactive changes
  • Calculate Payroll
  • Calculate Prepayment
  • Archive Periodic Payroll Results
  • Make EFT/Cheque Payments
  • Generate Payslips
  • Create Costing of Payments
  • Transfer Payment information to cash management
  • Transfer to Sub ledger
  • Rollback Payroll Processes
  • Mange lookups
  • Manage Talent Notifications
  • Manage Workforce Profile Value Sets
  • Manage Workforce Profile Descriptive Flexfields
  • Manage Content Subscribers
  • Manage Profile Rating Models
  • Manage Educational Establishments
  • Manage Profile Content Types
  • Manage Profile Content Items
  • Manage Profile Types
  • Manage Instance Qualifiers
  • Configure Talent Review Dashboard Options
  • Goal Management
  • Descriptive Flex fields
  • Lookups
  • Profile Options
  • Eligibility Profiles
  • Review Period
  • Manage Goal Library
  • Goal Plans
  • Goal Plan Sets
  • Attaching Goal Plan to employee
  • Manage Questionnaires
  • Manage Descriptive Flex fields
  • Mange Profile Options
  • Manage Performance Roles
  • Manage Performance Process Flows
  • Manage Eligibility Profiles
  • Create Performance Template Sections
  • Manage Review Periods
  • Manage Performance document
  • Manage Performance template
  • Manage Attaching Performance template
  • Manage Eligibility Batch Process
  • Send E-Mail Notifications
  • Rating Model Distribution
  • Manage Performance and Proficiency Chart Labels

a) Overview
b) Eligibility Profiles
c) Elements, Balances, and Formulas
d) Define and Manage Base Pay
i) Grade Rate
ii) Progression Grade Ladders
iii) Manage Base Pay
iv) Editing Salaries in the Integrated Workbook
e) Define and Manage individual compensation
i) Using Actions with Base Pay and Compensation
ii) Individual Compensation Plans
iii) Compensation History
f) Workforce compensation plans
i) Overview
ii) Budgets
iii) Worksheets
iv) Models and reports
g) Total Compensation statements
h) Compensation Items
i) Statement definitions

  • Security Console
  • Manage Data Roles & Security Profiles
  • Manage Role Provisioning
  • HCM Data loader
  • Spreadsheet loader
  • Payroll batch loader
  • Manage Fast Formulae’s
  • Work flows Approvals& Notification
  • Customization & Personalization
  • HCM Extracts
  • BI & OTBI Dashboards
  • Best Certified industry experts will deliver their Knowledge
  • More Real Time Specific scenario driven lectures
  • Quality Course Materials
  • Flexible Timings to attend the Classes
  • 24/7 Full time support to assist you in issues
  • Latest Server access for Practice
  • Access to Session Videos any time
  • Provides Real Time live Projects
  • Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparations
  • Interview Questions & Exams
  • Mock Interview’s
  • End to End after Service Support

There are no particular prerequisites for learning this course but it is beneficial to those.

  • Fresher’s or passed outs who want to settle in Consulting Pace
  • Any Graduates can learn this course.
  • Basic knowledge on concepts Human Resource
  • Oracle E business Suite/PeopleSoft Professional’s etc
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Why Choose Oracle Fusion HCM Training with Triotech Software Training?

Expert-Led Training

At Triotech Software Training, we pride ourselves on our team of industry experts who serve as instructors for our Oracle Fusion HCM OnlineTraining. Our trainers possess extensive experience in Oracle Fusion HCM implementation, customization, and management. Through their practical insights and real-world examples, learners gain a deep understanding of Oracle Fusion HCM's functionalities and its potential for optimizing HR processes.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Hyderabad covers the entire spectrum of Oracle Fusion HCM, including core HR, talent management, benefits administration, payroll, and workforce rewards. The training curriculum is designed to provide a holistic understanding of the system, enabling learners to become proficient in leveraging its features for enhanced HR operations.

Hands-On Experience

We believe in learning by doing. Throughout our Oracle Fusion HCM Training, participants have ample opportunities to gain hands-on experience with the system. Practical exercises, simulations, and real-world projects allow learners to apply their knowledge in a simulated business environment, preparing them to confidently handle HCM challenges in their workplaces.

Flexible Learning Options

At Triotech Software Training, we understand that professionals have diverse schedules and commitments. Therefore, our Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Hyderabad offers flexible learning options. Learners can choose between self-paced modules or interactive live virtual sessions, ensuring they can balance their learning with their work and personal life.

Industry-Recognized Certification

Upon completing our Oracle Fusion HCM Training, participants receive an industry-recognized certification from Triotech Software Training. This certification serves as a valuable asset in advancing your career and validates your expertise in Oracle Fusion HCM to potential employers.

Embrace the future of HR management with Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Hyderabad by Triotech Software Training. Whether you aim to enhance your career prospects or optimize HR processes within your organization, our comprehensive training program equips you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the dynamic world of human capital management. Stay ahead of the competition and become a proficient Oracle Fusion HCM professional with our expert-led training. Enroll in Triotech Software Training’s Oracle Fusion HCM Training in Hyderabad today and embark on a journey of professional growth and success.


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Oracle Fusion HCM Training Online, HCM Course Online

You will be permitted to take online tests for particular courses as the Oracle Fusion HCM online training Training and Placement in Hyderabad comes to a close. Triotech Software Training provides you with a guarantee on the specific courses and issues a course completion certificate for the majority of the course.

Course Curriculum

  • Functional Oracle Fusion HCM Modules
  • Technical Oracle Fusion HCM Modules
  • Global Human Resource Oracle Fusion (Core Hr)
  • Fusion HCM Oracle Absence Management
  • Payroll For Oracle Fusion HCM Global
  • Odbc Fusion Talent Management In HCM
  • Odbc Fusion Goals Management For HCM
  • Performance Management For Oracle Fusion HCM
  • Management Of Compensations Using Oracle Fusion HCM

Who can apply?

Student: Any Degree or Post Graduation Studied or Studying

Individuals: Basic knowledge of Cloud

Experienced professionals: Fresher or Experienced

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We Proudly Say our Students work for Top MNCs

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, acquiring a fundamental understanding might take a few weeks to a few months of dedicated learning and practice. However, becoming proficient and mastering advanced features could take several months to a year or more.

Completing Oracle Fusion HCM training in Hyderabad can open doors to roles such as HR consultant, HRIS analyst, or software implementation specialist, with potential for higher salaries and career advancement.

Yes, Triotech Oracle Fusion HCM training program offer certification, validating your proficiency in using the software and enhancing your job prospects.

Virtually any industry with HR functions can benefit, including healthcare, finance, manufacturing, and technology, as Oracle Fusion HCM offers versatile solutions.

Training duration varies, but most programs span several weeks, combining theoretical learning with hands-on practice to ensure a thorough understanding of Oracle Fusion HCM.

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