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Oracle Fusion Technical Training in Hyderabad

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Welcome to a realm where technical brilliance meets the power of Oracle Fusion applications through our exclusive Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training in Hyderabad, curated by Triotech Software Training. In the fast-paced world of enterprise technology, Oracle Fusion Technical has emerged as a vital component, enabling organizations to customize, extend, and optimize their Fusion applications according to unique business needs.

Oracle Fusion Technical Course KEY FEATURES


Triotech Software Trainings
Triotech Software Trainings
Triotech Software Trainings

Oracle Fusion Technical Training in Hyderabad Syllabus

  1. Getting Started with BI Publisher
    1. What is BI?
    2. Features of BI?
    3. Benefits of BI
    4. Components of BI Reports
    5. Tools required for BI Report Development
    6. Overview of Fusion Tables
      1. Accessing Table Repository
      2. HCM Table Normalizations
      3. Key HCM Tables
        1. Type of Tables
        2. Understanding – Date Tracking
        3. Understanding Joins
    7. Basics of SQL (Structured Query Language)
      1. Query Structure
      2. Column & Rows Restriction
      3. Joins
      4. Sub-Query
  2. BI Report in Cloud Application
    1. Roles required to build BI Report
    2. Introduction to BI Data Model
    3. Overview of Delivered BI Reports
    4. Different Data Sets
      1. CSV
      2. Excel
      3. SQL
      4. Web Service
    5. Data Sets Grouping
      1. Using Subquery
      2. Group Based
      3. Element Based
    6. Report Templates and its importance
      1. Dynamic Auto Generated
      2. Rich Text Format (RTF)
      3. Excel Based
      4. E-text Based
    7. Creating Parameterized Reports
      1. Single Parameter
      2. Multiple Parameters
      3. LOV based Parameters
      4. Dependent Parameters
    8. Parameter Properties
      1. Label, Data Types, Ordering
      2. Mandatory Parameters
      3. Defaulting Data Parameter
    9. Reports based on Secured Views
      1. Secured Views
      2. User or Role Based Access
      3. Password Protected Reports
        1. Static Password
        2. Dynamic Password
    10. Language Translation Feature in BI Reports
    11. Report Migration
  3. Report Bursting
    1. Concept and Use Case
    2. Type of Bursting
      1. Email
      2. FTP
      3. UCM
    3. Bursting Query
      1. Understanding Parameters
      2. Building Bursting Query
      3. Enabling Bursting
    4. Admin Configuration and Settings
    5. Real Time Business Case
      1. Dynamic Bursting File Name
      2. Password Protected Files
      3. Encrypted File
      4. Additional Default Attachment
  4. Scheduled Jobs
    1. Navigation and Overview of Schedule Jobs
    2. Useful Seeded Jobs
    3. Creating Custom Scheduled Jobs for BIP Report
      1. No Parameter
      2. Single Parameter
      3. Multiple Parameter
      4. Date Parameter
    4. Reading Log and Output Files of Custom Scheduled Job
    5. Enabling and Sending Notification of a Scheduled Job
    6. Submitting a Scheduled Job
    7. Enabling Security in a Scheduled Job
  1. Getting Started with OTBI
    1. Introduction of OTBI
    2. Different types of Subject Area
      1. Presentation Folders
      2. Dimensions
      3. Attributes
  2. Navigation and Components
    1. Creating First OTBI Analysis from UI
    2. Creating a simple OTBI Analysis from BI Server
      1. Single Subject Area
      2. Multiple Subject Area
  3. Understanding Analysis Properties
    1. Label Format
    2. Ordering
    3. Adding Filters
    4. Font and Formatting
  4. Prompts & Dashboards
    1. Parameters & Prompts
    2. SET Operations in OTBI Analysis
    3. Agents and their Usage
    4. Dashboard
  5. Understanding Views
    1. Adding Views
      1. Tabular
      2. Graphical
        1. Bar Graph
        2. Pie Chart
        3. Line Graph
  6. Managing Analysis
    1. Import and Migration
  1. HCM Extract Overview & Advantages
  2. Use and Type of User Entities
  3. Oracle Delivered Seeded Extracts
    1. Running
    2. Clone/Coping
  4. Extract Phases
    1. Define
    2. Design
    3. Validate
    4. Delivery
  5. Extract Components
    1. Parameters
    2. Blocks
    3. Block Links
    4. Records
    5. Filters (Basic and Advance)
    6. Data Elements
      1. DBI Based
      2. Extract Rule FF
      3. Record Calculation
      4. Static Value
      5. Parameters
  6. Extract Validation & Compilation
  7. Running Extracts
    1. Scheduling Extract
    2. Using Schedule Fast Formula
  8. Extract Delivery Options
    1. None
    2. CSV
    3. UCM
    4. FTP
    5. Integration with BIP
  9. Extract Fast Formula
    1. Extract Rule
    2. Extract Criteria
    3. Flow Schedule
    4. Extract Record
  1. HCM Data Loader Overview
  2. Role and Navigations
  3. Data File preparation in HDL Format
    1. Zip File Structure
    2. Dat File Structure
    3. File Line Instruction Tags
    4. File Discriminators
    5. Line Structure
    6. Line Ordering
    7. Metadata Line Validation
    8. Data Line Validation
  4. Supported Keys and Overview
    1. User Key
    2. Surrogate Keys
    3. GUID Keys
    4. Source System Keys
  5. Execute HCM Data Loader (HDL) process
    1. Work Structures
      1. Job Family
      2. Job
      3. Grade
      4. Location
    2. Loading Worker – Mandatory Business Objects
    3. Loading Worker – Non-Mandatory Business Objects
    4. Employee Transactions
      1. Terminate Employee
      2. Reverse Terminate
      3. Load Salary
    5. Loading Translations
    6. Deleting Data
    7. End Dating Data
  6. Seeded Business Process
    1. Manager Hierarchy
    2. Name Keyword Search
  7. Error Handling and Reconciliation
  1. HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader Overview
  2. Using Seeded HCM Spread Sheets for data load.
    1. Lookups
    2. Jobs
  3. Data file preparation in HSDL format
  4. Execute HCM Spreadsheet Data Loader (HSDL) process
  5. Error handling and reconciliation
  1. Approval Management Overview
  2. Approvals and Transaction Console Overview
  3. Understand how to enable or bypass approvals for different scenarios
  4. Write business rules for approvals
  5. Configure Approvals using different combinations of business rules
  6. Real-time scenarios are used to test the approvals and notifications.
    1. Creating or Updating Work Structure
    2. Performing Employee Transactions
  1. What is Web Service
  2. Understanding XML and JSON
  3. Web Service Basics
  4. Explore seeded SOAP/REST services provided by Oracle
  5. Use SOAP/REST services to import/export data from Fusion Cloud
  6. Basis of OIC (Oracle Integration Cloud)
  • Creating Data Sets based on various data sources (SQL, XLS, CSV, Webservice)
  • Create a Simple Data Model using multiple SQL Data Sets
  • Creating parameterized Data Model
  • Creating Dependent Parameters in Data Model
  • Developing a Data Model with necessary and optional parameters
  • Associating a LOV with parameter
  • Creating a Simple BI Report
  • Creating RTF Template
  • Creating Excel Template
  • Creating E-Text Template
  • BI Bursting – Email and UCM
  • Creating Security enabled BI Report
  • Creating letter format reports
  • BI Report encapsulated in ESS Job
  • Running an ESS Job
  • Sending Report output via email
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Why Choose Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training with Triotech Software Training?

Harnessing Fusion Technical Potentials

At Triotech Software Training, we understand that mastering Oracle Fusion Technical is crucial for unleashing the full potential of Fusion applications. Our online training program is designed and delivered by experts who possess a profound understanding of Fusion Technical. They will guide you through the intricacies of the platform, empowering you to customize applications and drive efficiency.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training covers a comprehensive range of topics, including application development, customization, extensions, and personalization. You will gain hands-on experience in configuring Oracle Fusion applications and enhancing their capabilities to cater to specific business requirements.

Interactive Learning Experience

Triotech Software Training believes in interactive learning. Throughout the Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training, you'll engage in live virtual sessions, allowing you to interact with instructors and peers in real time. This collaborative learning environment fosters knowledge-sharing and enhances your understanding of Fusion Technical concepts.

Flexible Learning at Your Pace

We value your time and commitments. Our Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training in Hyderabad offers flexible learning options, including self-paced modules, enabling you to progress at your own pace and strike the perfect balance between your learning journey and other responsibilities.

State-of-the-Art Virtual Platform

At Triotech Software Training, we provide a seamless virtual training experience. Our online training platform is equipped with state-of-the-art features, ensuring a smooth and enriching learning experience for all participants.

Certification and Skill Validation

Upon successful completion of our Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training, you will receive an industry-recognized certification from Triotech Software Training. This esteemed certification validates your expertise in Oracle Fusion Technical and enhances your professional credibility.

Empower yourself with technical excellence and become a proficient Oracle Fusion Technical expert through our Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training in Hyderabad by Triotech Software Training. Our expert-led training, comprehensive curriculum, interactive learning experience, flexible learning options, and esteemed certification combine to provide you with an unparalleled learning journey. Prepare to drive innovation and efficiency within your organization through personalized Fusion applications. Enroll in Triotech Software Training’s Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training in Hyderabad today and embark on a transformative career path of technical brilliance.


Triotech Software Trainings
Triotech Software Trainings
Triotech Software Trainings


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Oracle Fusion HCM Training Online, HCM Course Online

You will be permitted to take online tests for particular courses as the Oracle Fusion Technical Online Training and Placement in Hyderabad comes to a close. Triotech Software Training provides you with a guarantee on the specific courses and issues a course completion certificate for the majority of the course.

Course Curriculum

  • Business intelligence publisher reports data extraction
  • Oracle transactional business intelligence (bi) data extraction
  • HCM extracts from data extraction
  • HCM data loader for data loading
  • HCM spreadsheet data loader for data loading
  • Permits for business
  • Integration
  • Useful examples


Who can apply?

Student: Any Degree or Post Graduation Studied or Studying

Individuals: Basic knowledge of Cloud

Experienced professionals: Fresher or Experienced


We Proudly Say our Students work for Top MNCs

Frequently Asked Questions

At Triotech Software Trainings, our Oracle Fusion Technical Training primarily focuses on providing learners with in-depth knowledge of Oracle Fusion’s architecture, development tools, and integration techniques. We ensure that our trainees get hands-on experience and are well-prepared to work on real-world Oracle Fusion projects.

This training is tailored for IT professionals, database administrators, software developers, and anyone keen on mastering Oracle Fusion’s technical aspects. Both beginners with basic database understanding and experienced professionals looking to enhance their Oracle Fusion skills will find the course content beneficial.

The training spans over 50+ Hours with a blend of theoretical sessions and hands-on labs. We offer both online and offline (classroom) training modes, giving flexibility to our trainees based on their preferences.

Yes, upon successfully completing the Oracle Fusion Technical Training, every participant will receive a certification from Triotech Software Trainings, validating their expertise in Oracle Fusion’s technical domain.

At Triotech Software Trainings, we pride ourselves on our expert trainers with real-world Oracle Fusion project experience, our up-to-date curriculum that aligns with the latest industry trends, and our state-of-the-art lab facilities. Additionally, our smaller batch sizes ensure personalized attention to every trainee, and our post-training support helps students in their professional journey.

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