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Oracle Fusion Financials is a powerful and flexible financial management solution that can help manage business’s finances more efficiently. In this course, we will introduce you to Oracle Fusion Financials and show you how to get started using it. We will also cover the basics of using Oracle Fusion Financials, including creating and managing accounts, invoicing and paying customers, and tracking financial metrics. By the end of this oracle fusion financials online training, you will be able to use this software to manage clients business’s finances effectively.

TrioTech Oracle Fusion Financials online training will provide you with the basic to advanced topics of Fusion Financials. With the course, you will understand financial concepts and reporting tools. In addition, you’ll learn essential reporting features such as consolidated statements, reconciling statements, forecast reports, and more. 

It is a financial management software suite comprising Accounting, Reporting and Analysis, CPX, and Financial Data Integration. In addition, the course offers you advanced training with live project exposure.

Oracle Fusion Financial Applications is to provide a comprehensive integrated financial management solution from beginning to end across the accounting cycle. Trio Tech Software Training’s provides professional training in implementation of Oracle Fusion Financial Applications. Our Oracle Fusion Financials course contains step-by-step instructions on how to create the implementation Project and various Financial Modules at a more Functional end. This course is intended for any fresher or experienced who has an interest in Oracle Fusion Financials Applications. 

Oracle Fusion Financials online training Syllabus

  • Oracle Fusion Financials General Ledger
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Account Payables
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Account Receivables
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Fixed Assets
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Cash Management
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Expenses Management
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Purchasing
  • Oracle Fusion Financials Tax Management
  • Security Administration
  • Inbound Integrations – Spread Sheet loader, File Based Data Loader (FBDL)
  • Outbound Integrations – BI & OTBI Reports
  • BPM Approval Mechanism
  • Starting Implementation Project
  • Manage Enterprise
  • Create Accounting Calendar
  • Create/Enable Currencies
  • Create Value Sets
  • Create Chart of Accounts
  • Create Chart of Accounts Instance
  • Create Primary Ledger
  • Setup Ledger Options
  • Create Legal Entity
  • Complete Primary Ledger Definition
  • Assign Ledger to Legal Entity
  • Review General Ledger Role Template
  • Assign Data Roles to User
  • Open GL Periods
  • Account Hierarchy Creation
  • Translation Process
  • Revaluation Process
  • Transferring Entries to Secondary Ledgers
  • Account Monitor & Accounting Inspector
  • Consolidation Process
  • Mass Allocations Process
  • Recurring Journals
  • Schedule Jobs
  • Create Business Unit Locations
  • Create Reference Data Sets
  • Create Business Units
  • Assign Business Unit Functions to Business Unit
  • Create Legislative Data Group
  • Assign Legislative Data Group to LE
  • Create Employee User
  • Assign Implementation Consultant Roles to User
  • Create Procurement Agents
  • Common Options for Payables and Procurement
  • Invoice Options Configuration
  • Payment Options Configuration
  • Create Payment Terms
  • Create Distribution Sets
  • Setting up Suppliers Number
  • Assign Supplier Roles to User
  • Create Supplier
  • Create Supplier Addresses
  • Create Supplier Sites
  • Assigning Supplier Sites to Procurement Business Units
  • Create Banks
  • Create Branches
  • Create Bank Accounts
  • Create Payables Documents
  • Create Payment Method
  • Defining Payment Formats
  • Create Payment Process Profile
  • Introduction to Payables Role Templates
  • Assigning Data Roles to User
  • Submitting LDAP Job
  • Open Payables Periods
  • Configuring System Options
  • Create Transaction Types
  • Define Transaction Sources
  • Auto Accounting Configuration
  • Define Payment Terms
  • Create Statement Cycles
  • Collector Creation
  • Create Customer Profile Class
  • Create Reference Data Set
  • Create Customer
  • Create Customer Site/Address
  • Create Remit-to-Address
  • Memo Lines Creation
  • Create Receivable Activities
  • Create Receipt Classes & Methods
  • Create Receipt Source
  • Create & Assign Receivables Data Roles to User
  • Receivables Periods
  • Manual Bank Statement Creation
  • Manual Reconciliation
  • Automatic Reconciliation
  • Generate Cash Transactions
  • External Cash Transactions
  • CM to GL Reconciliation
  • Create Value Sets for Category KF
  • Create Value Sets for Location KF
  • Create Value Sets for Asset Key KFF
  • Create Category KFF Structure
  • Create Location KFF Structure
  • Create Asset Key KFF Structure
  • Category KFF Structure Instance
  • Location KFF Structure Instance
  • Asset Key KFF Structure Instance
  • Segment Values to 3 KFF Segments
  • Configure System Controls
  • Create Fiscal Year Calendar
  • Asset Calendar
  • Define Prorate Convention
  • Create Prorate Calendar
  • Asset Book
  • Create Tax Book
  • Asset Categories
  • Overview on Asset Book Role Template
  • Assigning Data Roles to User
  • Purchasing Setups
  • Create Location
  • Assign Business Unit Business Function for Procurement
  • Define Facilities for Procurement – Facility Shifts – Facility
  • Workday Pattern – Facility Schedules
  • Create Item Master Inventory Organization
  • Create Actual Inventory Organization
  • Configure Procurement Business Function
  • Configure Requisitioning Business Function
  • Manage Common Options for Payables and Procurement
  • Receiving Parameters
  • Procurement Agent
  • Manage Transaction Account Definitions
  • Manage Account Rules
  • Transaction Account Definition
  • Drafting Sub ledger Accounting Options
  • Manage Purchasing Document Approvals
  • Assign Data Roles to User
  • Run LDAP Job for Roles Synchronization
  • Create Tax Regime
  • Create Tax
  • Create Tax Jurisdiction
  • Create Tax Status
  • Create Tax Rates
  • Application Tax Options
  • Create Locations
  • Assign Tax components to Supplier
  • Create Expense System Options
  • Create Expense Report Templates
  • Draft Expense Approval Rules
  • Assign Data Roles to User
  • Run Schedule LDAP Job
  • Set Default Expense Account for Employee

In order to take Oracle Fusion Financials Training course, No prior Accounting business processes or Oracle Applications Financials knowledge is required. Trio Tech Software Trainings will make you learn the entire Financials processes as part of this course

  • Best Certified industry experts will deliver their Knowledge
  • More Real Time Specific scenario driven lectures
  • Quality Course Materials
  • Flexible Timings to attend the Classes
  • 24/7 Full time support to assist you in issues
  • Latest Server access for Practice
  • Access to Session Videos any time
  • Provides Real Time live Projects
  • Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparations
  • Interview Questions & Exams
  • Mock Interview’s
  • End to End after Service Support

There are no particular prerequisites for learning this course but it
is beneficial to those

  • Fresher’s or passed outs who want to settle in Consulting Pace
  • Any Graduates can learn this course.
  • Basic knowledge on concepts Finance & Accounting
  • Oracle E business Suite/PeopleSoft Professional’s etc

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Oracle Fusion HCM Training Online, HCM Course Online

If you are in the finance industry and looking for a way to up your game, consider taking the Oracle Fusion Financials certifications. These certifications will help you become more knowledgeable about the Oracle Fusion Financials software, a key tool in the finance industry. 

In addition, by taking these certifications, you will be able to work more effectively in your field and help your company grow. So if you are interested in learning more about Oracle Fusion Financials and how it can help you, then be sure to check out the available certifications on our website.

Job Opportunities & Salary for Fusion HCM specialist

If you are looking for a job in Oracle Fusion Financials, you will want to be aware of the salary and opportunities available. It is possible to find several great opportunities, and the pay varies based on your experience level.  

The average salary of Oracle Fusion Financials consultant in India is  ₹7,00,000 per annum. Depending on experience and skills the salary will go upto ₹14,00,000 per annum.

Why Join Trio Tech

Are you looking for an in-depth, hands-on Oracle Fusion Financials online training course? Look no further than TrioTech! Our course is designed for finance professionals looking to gain a thorough understanding of Oracle Fusion Financials. We provide an interactive learning environment that allows you to work through real-world examples and scenarios, and our highly qualified instructors are here to help you every step. 

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If you are looking for a way to learn Oracle Fusion Financials, you have come to the right place. TrioTech offers a complete course that will teach you everything you need to know about this powerful Oracle software package. Our online course is designed to make learning Oracle Fusion Financials easy and fun. Plus, our team of experienced finance professionals will help you through each step of the process. So, start your journey to becoming an Oracle Fusion Financials expert today!

A clear picture of your overall financial health is provided by Oracle Fusion Cloud Financials, a worldwide financial platform that links and automates your financial management operations, including payables, receivables, fixed assets, spending, and reporting.

The following sub-modules make up the financial module:

  • Accounts Payable Module.
  • Accounts Receivable Module.
  • Cash Management Module.
  • Fixed Assets Module.
  • General Ledger Module.

Oracle Fusion Financials is a powerful and versatile financial software that can help businesses manage their finances more effectively. So, is Oracle Fusion Financials an ERP? The answer is yes and no. No matter what size business you have, Fusion Financials is an excellent standalone financial solution.

Oracle Fusion financial and Oracle Financial cloud are two different products that Oracle develops to help businesses manage their financials. Oracle Fusion financial is a suite of financial applications that help businesses manage their finances and operations. In contrast, Oracle Financial cloud is a subscription service that allows businesses to access Oracle’s financial applications anywhere they want. Of course, both products have their pros and cons, so it’s up to businesses to decide which one is best for them.

Oracle Fusion financial is a suite of financial applications that finance managers can use to track their company’s financial data, manage budgets, and track expenses. Oracle Financial Cloud is a subscription service that allows finance managers to access Oracle Financials applications from anywhere in the world.

It is a powerful and easy-to-use accounting software package that can help businesses manage their finances more effectively. However, if you’re new to Oracle Fusion Financials, it can be intimidating to learn all the features and how to use them. That’s when our company, TrioTech, comes into play and ensures that you get comprehensive learning with our certified teachers. 

If you are looking for the best Oracle Fusion Financials institute in Hyderabad, look no further than TrioTech. Our experienced instructors are well-versed in all aspects of Oracle Fusion Financials and can help you develop the skills needed to succeed in this dynamic field. In addition, we have a great team of experienced instructors committed to ensuring that each student learns everything they need to know about Oracle Fusion Financials. 

The average salary of Oracle Fusion Financials consultant in India is  ₹7,00,000 per annum. Depending on experience and skills the salary will go upto ₹14,00,000 per annum.