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Oracle Fusion SCM Cloud provides businesses with flexible opportunities to drive revenues, manage operations efficiently among their supply chains. Trio Tech Software Trainings provides an introduction to end to end implementation of Oracle Fusion SCM Applications. The entire course Oracle Fusion SCM Training contains step by step instructions on how to create the implementation Project and various SCM Modules at more Functional end. This course is intended for any Fresher or experienced who has interest in Oracle Fusion SCM Applications

Trio Tech Software Trainings is providing Oracle Fusion SCM Online Training and Oracle Fusion Financials Classroom Training in the latest advanced releases of fusion suites with certified Trainers. Our training and recruitment programs offer best-fit solutions for trainees with a strong focus on quality, skills awareness, and self-achievement. We do have flexible Course Timings are as per the Trainees request.


  • Oracle Fusion Product Management
  • Oracle Fusion Inventory Management
  • Oracle Fusion Order Management Cloud
  • Oracle Fusion Order Orchestration
  • Self Service Procurement
  • Supplier Portal
  • Purchasing
  • Oracle Procurement Sourcing
  • Oracle Procurement Contracts
  • Oracle Fusion Costing
  • Security Administration
  • Inbound Integrations – Spread Sheet loader, File Based Data Loader (FBDL)
  • Outbound Integrations – BI & OTBI Reports
  • BPM Approval Mechanism
  • Oracle Fusion Applications Overview
  • Manage Enterprise Structure for Initial Configuration
  • Define Reference Data Sets
  • Create Locations
  • Manage Business Units
  • Assign Business Unit Business Function
  • Manage Business Unit Set Assignments
  • Introduction and Overview of Fusion Applications and Fusion Product Management
  • Describing Offerings
  • explaining and Creating Item Organizations
  • Using the Global Search
  • Creating Items
  • Defining Item Attributes
  • Creating Packs and Structures
  • Managing Items with Catalogs
  • Performing Item Mass Updates
  • Setting Up and Creating New Item Requests
  • Setting Up and Creating Change Orders
  • Defining Item Rules
  • Managing Item Batches
  • Inventory Management Cloud
  • Product Navigation
  • Reporting Overview
  • Key Features Inventory Visibility& Replenishment, Moves and Transactions
  • Key Aspects (Replenishment)
  • Key Aspects (Inventory Accuracy)
  • Key Aspects (Inventory Controls)Introduction to Inventory Cloud
  • Product Navigation
  • Reporting Overview
  • Key Features (Replenishment)
  • Key Features (Inventory Accuracy)
  • Key Features (Inventory Controls)
  • Create Inventory Organizations
  • Create Sub Inventory & Locators
  • Create Item Classifications & setting up security
  • Define UOM
  • Configuring Receiving Parameter for Inventory Organizations
  • Introduction to Order Management and Fulfillment Cloud
  • Pricing Strategies
  • Change Order Processing
  • Global Order Promising
  • Order Promising, Sourcing and ATP Rules
  • Order Promising Functionality Key Concepts
  • Data Collection Administration Key Concepts
  • Order Import Aspects
  • Order Transformation Key Concepts
  • Defining Processing Constraints and Hold Codes
  • Orchestration Process Definition Overview
  • Orchestration Process Planning, Deployment, and Jeopardy
  • Back-to-Back and Drop Ship Supply Creation Fulfillment Overview
  • Configured Items with Order Management Fulfillment Overview
  • Shipping Concepts Overview
  • Manage Requisition Business Function
  • Manage Procurement Business Function
  • Setup Purchasing Profiles
  • Setup Document Numbering
  • Setup Line Types for Purchasing
  • Document Styles Setup
  • Requisition Descriptive Flex fields
  • Purchasing Descriptive Flex fields
  • Manage Requisition Approvals
  • Manage Purchasing Document Approvals
  • Manage Mapping sets –Procurement
  • Manage Sub ledger Accounting options
  • Define Cost Management Mapping set for procurement
  • Requisition Creation
  • Set up Auto Create PO
  • PO Creation & PO Receiving
  • Setup Common Options for Payable and Procurement
  • Setup Procurement Agents
  • Setup Receiving Parameters
  • Setup Purchase Order Approvals
  • Manage Transaction Accounting Builder
  • Receipt Accounting
  • Describe Pricing components
  • Pricing setup pre-requisites
  • Describe Pricing Profiles
  • Describe Pricing Segments
  • Manage Pricing Elements
  • Manage Pricing Bases
  • Manage Pricing Parameters
  • Create Cost Factors
  • Supplier questions & scoring attributes
  • Capture supplier response
  • Create Surrogate feedback
  • Asses & Award Supplier Responses
  • Manage Self- Service Procurement Profile Options
  • Manage Catalogs
  • Manage Smart Forms
  • Manage Content Zones
  • Create Catalog Requisitions
  • Non- Catalog Requisitions
  • Receiving from SSP
  • Supplier portal user roles
  • Acknowledge/Approve/Reject purchase documents
  • Managing negotiation responses
  • Managing Invoices
  • Contract terms
  • Managing contract clause types
  • Managing procurement contracts
  • Approvals in procurement contracts
  • Manage Costing Key Flex fields
  • Manage Cost Organizations
  • Manage Cost Organization Data Access for Users
  • Manage Cost Books
  • Manage Cost Organization Relationships
  • Define Cost Accounting Policies
  • Manage Cost Elements
  • Manage Cost Components
  • Manage Default Cost Profiles
  • Manage Valuation Units
  • Cost Analysis Mapping
  • Transfer Transactions from Inv to Costing
  • Transfer from Receiving to Costing
  • File Based Data Loader (FBDL)
  • BI & OTBI Reports
  • BPM Approval Mechanism

In order to take Oracle Fusion SCM Training course, No prior Operations management business processes or Oracle Applications SCM knowledge is required. Trio Tech Software Trainings will make you learn the entire SCM processes as part of this course.

  • Best Certified industry experts will deliver their Knowledge
  • More Real Time Specific scenario driven lectures
  • Quality Course Materials
  • Flexible Timings to attend the Classes
  • 24/7 Full time support to assist you in issues
  • Latest Server access for Practice
  • Access to Session Videos any time
  • Provides Real Time live Projects
  • Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparations
  • Interview Questions & Exams
  • Mock Interview’s
  • End to End after Service Support

There are no particular prerequisites for learning this course but it is beneficial to those

  • Fresher’s or passed outs who want to settle in Consulting Pace
  • Any Graduates can learn this course.
  • Baic knowledge on concepts Operation Management
  • Oracle E business Suite/PeopleSoft Professional’s etc
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