Oracle fusion financials interview questions

Oracle Fusion Financials Interview Questions

It is a dream for many to obtain a dream role in Oracle fusion financials. Though the candidate owes exceptional skills, attended the best training institute, and has maximum knowledge, they face hassles in the most critical step, the interview. Oracle fusion financial experts are in high demand in the industry. We know the importance of preparing for an interview and have formulated a few answers to Oracle fusion financials interview questions.

What is Oracle fusion financials?

Oracle fusion financials is a global financial platform that helps automate financial management processes such as fixed assets, payables, reporting, and receivables. The main benefit of Oracle fusion is that its standard based and adaptable. Smart technology helps responds successfully to business software changes.

Interview questions and answers

  1. How Oracle defines “Fusion”?
    They are new business software applications that came to light in October 2011. Every Oracle application adopted the name fusion, simplifying all media server layers for running varied functionality.
  2. Explain allocation and its working.
    The allocation process is useful for informing the acquired expenses of the cost department. The process starts by creating and POV and validating it.
  3. List Oracle fusion applications?
    Oracle designs the integrated suite known as the Oracle fusion applications on the Oracle fusion middleware. It owes functionalities and features from JD Edwards, Siebel product lines, Oracle E-business suite, and peoples soft. The best feature of the Oracle fusion application is that it has service-oriented architecture (SOA) capacities. The main applications include human capital management, financial management, procurement, supply chain management, customer relationship management, etc.
  4. Are there flex field features in Oracle fusion financials?
    The fusion has flex field features of three types key flex fields, extensible flex fields, and descriptive flex fields.
  5. State the deployment options of Oracle fusion.
    The deployment choices available in Oracle fusion applications include

    • Private Cloud
    • On-Premise
    • Hybrid cloud
    • Public cloud
  6. State journal approval and upload
    The journal approval is set up by enabling the journal approval in the “Ledger” and by utilizing the BPM work process. Uploading the journals is possible by employing the data loading tools such as FDBI or ADFDI of fusion financial applications.
  7. Explain Oracle fusion middleware.
    The assembly of services and tools, such as business intelligence, identity management, Java EE, etc., is Oracle fusion middleware. It mainly aids the business application deployment, development, and management. The best feature of Oracle fusion middleware is that it provides core services such as threading, transactions, concurrency, messaging, etc. It also offers functionalities such as security and high availability.
  8. What are the requirements for account structure creation for charts?
    The main requirement for creating a chart of account structure is the reporting requirement level, such as accounts, products, and company.
  9. What is outstanding about the Oracle fusion user interface?
    The fusion interface stands outstanding amongst others and is most frequently used excellently. Here are a few extraordinary applications, such as

    •  With an updated look and feel, classic pages
    • HCM digital pages
    • HDL supports new business objects
    • Multiple professional landing pages redesigned
    • HCM approval delegation developments
    • Built-in CSV output enhancements
    • Transaction design studio enhancement
  10. State the difference between FDBI and ADFDI templates.
    There is a limitation for line upload in ADFDI, whereas there isn’t in FDBI.

    • No plug-in necessary
    • After upload
    • Bulk data conversions
    • Offline
    • Feeds from external systems
    • Fast upload
    • Offline preparation of data files
    • The load takes place through comma-separated files CSV


    • Very user-friendly
    • Excel sheet linked to the instance
    • Upload through excel sheet only
    • Excel validation through the list of values
    • Desktop plug-in for excel mandatory
    • Slow upload
    • Consistent loads are decided with manually compiled data
  11. List the security features of the Oracle fusion application.
    The security features of the Oracle fusion application are

    • RBAC
    • Data security
    • Function security
    • Privacy
  12. List the areas where Oracle fusion payables provide reports.
    Oracle fusion financials provide pre-defined reports for account payable functions such as

    • Payments
    • Invoices
    • Income tax and withholding
    • Prepayments
    • Period close
    • Payables to ledger reconciliation
  13. Do you have an idea about Oracles fusion’s EBS replacement feature?
    • EBS users can observe the following features in Oracle fusion
    • The Access Control governor is replacing the OICM
    • The Date track changed by date effectivity
    • The business unit replaces the operating unit
    • The identity manager changes the FND user
  14. State the benefits of Psft financial users.
    • The Psft financial users benefit from
    • Bill presentment architecture
    • Cash basis accounting
    • Credit card processor indication Advanced collection
  15. Describe echo in Oracle mediator.
    When target services are unavailable, mediator functionality is revealed by echo as the target service. There is a response made to the initial caller by the echo. During the decline of the target service, echo is used to test sample query response messages and passed on to the calling service as an echo.

How to learn Oracle fusion financials online

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