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Oracle Fusion SCM manages manufacturing’s execution and oversight. Here we have provided a list of the most common list of Oracle SCM Interview Questions to assist you in achieving your goal of being hired as an Oracle SCM Developer. When it comes to managing supply and demand, Oracle Fusion SCM is software that can assist. Material needs, resource allocation, and demand forecasting are all taken care of. In addition, users may make sales orders thanks to the system’s order management functionality.

Oracle Fusion SCM And Its Uses

Implementation of Oracle Fusion distributed order, oracle fusion global order promising, and procurement is sure to go off without a hitch thanks to Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management. In addition, understanding the configuration choices is facilitated by Oracle Fusion SCM Modules, allowing for more informed decision-making throughout the installation phase. In 2011, Oracle released its Fusion Applications package, called Oracle Fusion.

Oracle Fusion Supply Chain Management is one of the most successful Fusion apps. Oracle Cloud SCM has established itself as the industry standard for ERP supply chain management. Oracle turned to Cloud ERP systems to appeal to small and medium-sized businesses. Because of successfully adopting the Oracle Fusion SCM apps, the company’s revenue increased significantly.

Interview Questions With Answers

1. What Are Different Planning Methods In Inventory?

Oracle Inventory supports five distinct approaches to planning. Inventory Restock Strategy for Subinvs Decision Making with a Minimal and Maximum Effort Altering the order of previously established points in a plan. Planning using Kanban refilling on Its Own, At regular Intervals

2. If Inventory Uses Keyflex Fields, How Many Are There?

Catalogs Account Alias Items Items Categories
The Placement of Inventory Detectors
Goods and Services for Sale

3. What Is The Use Of Sales Order KFF?

When the source is a financial institution, this is utilized during a financial transaction. Numbers assigned to each sales order serve as their separate category. The Variety of Sales Orders. The origin of the sales order provide details on the inventory management configurations you’ve made. Grouping by Expense parameter reduced stock Opportunities to Invest in Stocks That Are Hard to Find Transport Systems.

4. When And How Is ABC Analysis Used?

It is possible to sort inventory items from most valuable (A) to least valuable (C) using the ABC Analysis approach.
This Analysis makes it simple to track and monitor valuable things, such as by doing regular cycle counts on A-class products, etc.

5. What Does It Mean When An Item Has The “Purchased” Flag Set, But The “Purchasable” Flag Is Still Set?

A good example is the purchasable attribute flag, which may be used to restrict sales based on predetermined criteria.
The flag store determines whether you buy and get this.Whether this item may be purchased is indicated by the “purchasable” flag.
If an item’s purchasable flag is true, it may be included in a purchase order; otherwise, no new POs for it can be made or accepted.

6. How Do You Calculate Inventory Value?

Costs associated with the physical production of an item. This is the account where you’ll record the values of items in stock and those still in transit for calculating average cost. You will be locked into this account type as soon as you make a purchase. A resource for keeping tabs on the money spent on materials and labor. A bookkeeping system that records the money spent on assets. A ledger records the costs associated with outsourcing processes and external resources.

7. How And Why Is ABC Analysis Being Employed?

The BC Analysis technique may rank items in an inventory from most valuable (A) to least valuable (C).
This Analysis will make it simple to track and monitor the valuable things, such as by doing regular cycle counts on A-class products, etc.

8. How Do Mo Transfers Differ From Mo Issues?

The stock will be transferred from inventory to an account through MO Issue.
The stock will be transferred from one sub-inventory to another with a MO transfer.

9. The Difference Between Lot And Serial Numbers?

The term “lot control” refers to managing a collection of products. In the pharmaceutical business, for instance, each batch is assigned a number. That number corresponds to a lot, allowing the whole batch to be tracked using a set of predetermined variables.
The term “serial control” refers to monitoring and recording the precise quantities of a particular commodity, such as electrical gadgets.

10. How Do You Rank Your Om Moves?

The sales order is the source of the move orders created during the pick wave.

11. What makes a MO distinct from a Subinv transfer?

In most companies, a MO is used to request the transfer of goods within a single department. There are three possible origins: the MO procurement system, the Replenish MO system, and the Pick Wave MO system. Either “MO Issue” or “MO Transfer” may indicate that the item will be issued from the place in question or moved to a new location.

12. What Does “Nettable” Mean In A Subinventory Inventory?

The answer to this question will indicate whether the hands in the sub-inventory may be counted as available for planning purposes.

13. In What Ways Is A Mo Different From A Sub In Transfer?

In most companies, a MO is used to request the transfer of goods within a single department. There are three possible origins: the MO procurement system, the Replenish MO system, and the Pick Wave MO system.

14 .Why Is Master-Org Required?

To avoid defining anything several times, it would be helpful to have an item kept at the master level with common properties and then utilize the same item across various organizations.

15 .Required to have a Master Organization for Inventory?

Yes. If no master-org is specified, the system will treat the inception organization as the master organization

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